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Photo of Ruth and Nat Coalson in Hvar, Croatia

Ruth & Nat Coalson

Hi, I’m Nathaniel.

(You can call me Nat!)

I’m a full-time, working professional photographer and Associate of the Royal Photographic Society, with a concentration in the fine arts. My main focus is abstract art but I love all kinds of photography. From my frequent travels all over the world, I also maintain a vast body of work featuring location-based travel and scenic imagery.

I grew up in Denver, Colorado and have lived near Leicester, England since 2012 following my marriage to my British wife, Ruth. Together we specialize in leading private photography workshops and tours in Europe and North America. (In addition to my native language, English, I also speak Italian and Spanish.)

I’ve had several books published on photography technique which have been very well received by the photographic community. I love sharing the lessons I’ve learned along my journey as a visual artist and teaching has been my passion since the early 2000s. I’ve led workshops, tours and classes throughout the world, especially the American West, New England, the United Kingdom and Europe. Over the years, I’ve worked with thousands of students, many of whom I’ve personally mentored and enjoyed seeing become very accomplished photographers in their own rights.

Ruth helps me run my photography workshops and tours. Her background is in business management and marketing, working mainly in the creative sector. For decades, she’s managed client relationships for design firms, ad agencies and film production studios. Ruth has a keen business mind and a real aptitude for logistics. Like me, she’s an avid world traveller. (We first met while both traveling on business in Hawaii!)

Together, we research, plan and lead what we believe are the most enjoyable photography trips you’ll find anywhere. We believe in providing not only unique itineraries, but truly meaningful experiences … the results of which will not only improve your photography but will enrich your life for many years to come.


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