Back from New Zealand

Castlepoint Lighthouse

Last week my buddy Monte Trumbull and I returned from our month-long photo journey through New Zealand. We had a great time, covered 5,500 miles, and I came home with around 4,400 new images. While on the road I did as much editing as I could so most of the selects have already been identified. Now onto processing…

I am considering doing a book of the trip, probably on Blurb. Monte and I will also release a comprehensive Trip Report as soon as possible. Stay tuned!

Last post from this NZ trip

Cheers mates – we’re in Waipu Cove tonight, flying back to the States tomorrow (through Auckland). Hard to believe we’ve been here for a month.

Our flight leaves at 7:15 pm local time, and we will get home at around 7 pm Denver time. Considering the approx 17 hours flight time, we’re really losing about a day, and I hear the jetlag is a killer. We’ll see…

This photo is the from the last sunset shoot of the trip (as with all the others, just a quick grab with very minor processing); we will do sunrise tomorrow down the road before we leave.

See you all soon! 01_ncoalson_waipu_cove_090505_286